As the company grew from a few hundred people to over a thousand people I saw a lot of little things, negative things that have no place in the culture we wanted to create. The Passion Test for Business helped us turn things back in a positive direction. I highly recommend this program, I only wish we had done it sooner. Since it's inception the people we hire are better, more aligned, turnover has gone down, the energy on the floor is up, which means the results have improved. I believe The Passion Test for Business has improved our company tremendously, and it may have literally saved our company." “Having the Passion Test for Business seemed to be about a one and half million dollar revenue generator in our business.”
~ Craig Handley, CE, Listen Up Español 


"WOW - Janet and Chris Attwood walk the talk of finding and living your passion - Doing so for over 1,000 of our employees and taking our company to a new level, with excitement, fun, and profits. We now have full time personal passion trainers aligning our employee’s passions with our company's passions. The system Janet and Chris helped us develop from uncovering our company passions to hiring based on these passions and running daily activities and decision-making is unbelievable in company efficiency and the personal impact we're making with our employees. This has elevated our company to a new level our competitors can't touch - We have a personal connection with our company and our employees at a very deep and loyal level."
~ Tony Ricciardi, Co-founder, Listen Up Español


“There is nothing more important than getting clear on what gives you the why in what you want to pursue in your business. This program takes a step deeper and further than just knowing your why. It aligns and enhances my thought patterns, values, beliefs and experiences of how I can strategically and purposefully drive my business to a whole new level. It enables me to be clear of the bigger picture of what I am pursuing and help me craft my own language that I can use to communicate influentially to my target audience and partners. In fact, after defining my markers, I was so convinced that they are going to be the backbone of my upcoming book! If you are looking to elevate your business to the next level, to change the game or to expand your value and impact of what you can bring to the table, this program is definitely a MUST-HAVE.”
~ Alfred Chung, Branding That Matters, Singapore


“I reached my goal and it’s all because of you and your Passion Test! When we started this process I was struggling to make payroll…now I paid off my loans, added new equipment, hired more staff, and took three months paid personal time to travel and enjoy!!! Through this process I learned to identify and set my goals, personally and professionally, consistent with what matters most to me, my values and my passions. This helped me to see things from a different perspective, free myself from unnecessary stress and brought clarity to my plans for the future, much more than if I would have tried to do it on my own. Today I am focused, calm and confident. I am excited about my progress and am confident about the continued growth and success for me personally and for my company.”
~ R. K., Physical Therapist, CEO and Company Owner, USA


“Before working with my consultant, I thought I had a pretty clear understanding of the goals and direction of my business. But in reality, I was working hard on tasks, but not taking time to understand the core values of my business and the ideal clients I wanted to serve. By working with the consultant and applying principles from The Passion Test for Business, I discovered the top values that matter most to my business and set clear goals and action steps. I now have confidence in the direction of my business and am on the path to exceptional results!”
~ Kevin Howell, Writer, Editor, Journalist @ On Point Editing, USA


“I would highly recommend The Passion Test for Business to anyone looking to revive a current business or to anyone in the process of creating a new business! I was in the process of creating a new business with little knowledge on how or where to get started when I was introduced to The Passion Test for Business. BINGO! This was exactly what I needed to get me on the right track! The process challenged me to really get into what my passions really are, which guided me into the right mindset for how I will run my business! The one-on-one support and guidance was key for me to stay focused and my consultant was great at showing me how to think bigger, specifically and to always choose my passions! In the end, what I learned from this program is when you choose in favor of your passions, especially in your business, you will never go wrong!”
~ J. Roth Title, Health and Wellness Consultant, USA


If you feel stuck, or need more clarity regarding how to take your business to the next level, this program could be exactly what you need.  It helps you delve into the personal and narrow in on what you value and want out of life.  It helps you gain a stronger sense of self, so that you might transfer your core values into your business to create a more authentic, rewarding, and lucrative experience.”

~ Samrath G, Life Skills & Education, USA


“I have just retired from my civil service position in environmental health. I am planning to move with my family to Germany, where I previous lived as a university student and, decades later, worked as a meditation and healing workshop facilitator, and as an energy and spiritual healer. During that time I also attended courses and passed the examinations qualifying me as a Heilpraktiker (alternative/complementary medical practitioner). Although my passions and my intention for the next phase of my living and working life were already clear to me, I have found this program useful in envisioning what I want to achieve in yet clearer detail and in working out what practical steps I can next undertake.”

~ Joseph Michael Contrada, Heilpraktiker, (Healing Practitioner), USA & Germany


“I learned so much about my own business and how to make it successful! And now, how to help others run successful and passionate businesses. We applied the Passion Test for Business process to my own business and within only one month after getting clear on my business I taught my program at the library, I got a job to teach my program at a local nursing home once a month, I was honored to be in SD women’s magazine and interviewed in the women of distinction section. I started a nonprofit so I can give back 10+ percent of my earnings to people, organizations and charities. And my dream has been to get paid to travel the world, speak and train and this summer I was asked to perform in Berkeley for an event as well as I am booked to teach and perform in Detroit, Florida and Spokane so far.”

~ Nadirah R. Bray, International Performer, Instructor, Author, Speaker, Goddess in Motion, USA


“I recommend this program with my heart. No matter if you are a newly started Solopreneur or Executive leader or whether you have been in business for several years, this program will help you (re)connect with what is most important to you – the reason why you started your business – and (re)gain clarity and fill you with excitement about your company and your work. And help you say goodbye to the parts of your business that no longer serves you and your passion and purpose.“

~ Line Louise Overgaard, International Speaker and Trainer, Denmark


“If you are just a little attracted to this program, just do it. I don ́t think you could ever regret this experience. You will gain clarity on your unique company ́s contribution and passions. This clarity is really powerful and will give you the inspiration and motivation you need to act in the right direction. “

~ Ophélie Comeliau, International Certified Coach and Speaker, Belgium


“I was skeptical at first. My workplace has a vibe of ‘they discover you, you can’t open doors.’ I have wanted to progress in my role for a while, and have felt relatively unnoticed. In working with my consultant, I discovered that I alone pave my own path, and that nothing goes unnoticed if I can have the right charge behind me. Completing the exercises, and developing a mental awareness around my actions and needs, opened my eyes to the possibilities, and how to navigate to get to where I want to go. This program is ideal for the motivated person that is lost in the forest. I would highly recommend.“

~ Shawna Graff, Marketing Director at Merck, USA


“The passion test for business process really helped me to listen to my heart and needs as opposed to my mind. My consultant helped to incorporate stressfree methods to internally searching my dreams and desires to help me focus on achieving my goals. Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some bring light and leave footprints on our hearts and we are never ever the same. Thank you!”

~ Louise O’Odonnell, InTune Communications, USA


“I was impressed how easy and defining this process was.  The Passion Test consultant guides you in the steps and actions you should do. It was fantastic; she was unconditionally working with me.  Her main interest is to help you find your passion that will allow you to flow easily to your goal. I am really thankful for her help.  Now I have the how, the how to work on my purpose, the how to achieve my goals in a transparent and much easier way.  You would not regret it, I am 100% satisfied with the work I‘ve done with her and I am so happy to continue working with my consultant.

~ Dr. M. Wessolossky, Medical Doctor and Holistic Consultant, USA


“This is a great process for a business owner or one with very close partners to get to the core of what matters most to you in, and about your business. My business partner and I got to envision what would inspire us in our business and what it would take to get there.  My consultant is a wonderfully thoughtful, funny and insightful facilitator and guide.”

~ Meoh Ching CHEONG, Executive Coach and Trainer, Singapore


“The Passion Test for Business process is simple and yet able to draw out the important aspects of why I decided to go into my business. The entire process helped me to learn and discover more about myself and what I want for my company.  The best part is the smooth flow, no stress during this journey.”

~ Grace Khuah, Young Living Silver leader, Singapore


"It was like going to the Gym for my brain. My consultant really gave me a mental workout. She challenged me to dig deeper and encouraged me to believe that many things are possible and attainable of you dig in and recognize your strength and identify doubt in your behaviors. I'm ready for more in my career and life! Thank you!

~ Keith Moro, Kesslers, USA


“This was the most beneficial class. It was tailored to my specifics needs.  It helped me realize goals I have that I was not really aware of or had shoved back thinking it wasn’t really possible.  It is making me a better person in business and in personal issues.”

~ Kellie @ Kellie's, USA


“Being taken through the Passion Test for Business helped propel my business to the next level.  I was able to see where my attention was placed on, which was what I was not achieving and more a negative mindset than being laser focused on what I want.  Now, I set my goals and have defined action steps toward reaching those goals.  Since taking the PT for Business, my clientele has already doubled and I am much more confident in expressing what I do with clarity and impact.

~Debra Heslin, Master Success Coach, USA


“The Passion Test for Business is a must if you want to navigate your life sustainably using your business to earn an income for yourself and others but more importantly to stay on track and make a difference in the lives of all those who interact with you and your business.”

~ Carolyn Vincent, The Community Coach, Australia


“This program is a MUST for every business or company that want to be clear and focused on company vision, mission and know the best way to verbalize their unique contribution.”

~ Petra Contrada, Success Mentor & Coach


"I highly recommend this program for any coach who wants to help clients get clear and discover ways to feel empowered and take ownership for the success in their company.  The tools, exercises and take-aways are so impactful as you move forward in your career.  With clarity, a renewed passion, and a game-plan in place, there is no room for failure! Trust the process, and you will see!”  

~ Mary Barnes Johnson, Digging for Goals Coaching & Consulting, USA


"As a facilitator/consultant of this powerful process that helps Entrepreneurs re-ignite the power of their passions, re-energizing them with more clarity, confidence and creative juices to take their business to the next level and beyond not only serves their needs, it re- confirms for me that the Work I do and love with each client is making a difference in the world as business owners do their work aligned with their passions which are connected to their unique contribution to clients."

~ Marion LaPierre, Founder & President, When my Life is Ideal, USA


In my past I have been an employee of organizations where we were viewed strictly as programmable resources that must be allocated efficiently to produce the optimum result. I know firsthand the negative effects it had on the health, engagement and motivation of myself and my coworkers. Having served as a human resources manager and business consultant I also know how difficult and yet how absolutely necessary it is to cultivate a workplace full of passion and drive, and that this should be an everyday priority in as many companies as possible. I highly recommend to take the Passion Test for Business course to anyone who also feels inspired and passionate about bringing a great process based on passion and how engagement of employees and customers can be increased even more to the business world. The process is very simple and clearly structured and covers many important aspects of business including top business passions, a 10 years vision, a cultural action plan, and much more. I have taken other business coaching and consulting programs before when I already learned a lot of tools and techniques how to effectively support businesses and entrepreneurs to set and reach their goals and how to clearly communicate to their employees. However the Passion Test for Business course is the first course not only putting the essence of it together in a very clear process, but also supporting me and my clients very effectively from the very beginning until the end. It is like project management based on the principles of passion and engagement, and I truly believe that this is an important contribution to turn the negative engagement statistics around. “

~ Yves Nager, Denver Colorado, USA


“Using the Passion Test system has helped me get really clear about what I loved most about being a jeweler. I love creating custom pieces for clients! So I redesigned the layout of my store and updated my marketing plan to attract more of my ideal customers. As a result, November 2010 was our best sales month and 100% came from custom or repair work. AND December was our best month in FIVE years!!!  I highly recommend working with a Certified Passion Test for Business facilitator to increase your sales.”

~ Randy Violet, Business Owner, Chantelle Jewelers


“At the beginning of 2010, my business and personal life had stalled. My Certified Passion Test for Business facilitator guided me through the Passion Test for Business system and the results hit me like a lightening bolt. My business has increased by 50% through referrals from clients that love my work. Now, I hardly ever worry about cash flow. The results I achieved through the Passion Test also impacted my personal life in ways that I never would've imagined.  What an unexpected surprise and achievement to say that my personal life rocks!“

~ Aly Darin, Business Owner, Aly Darin Photography  


“A business with everyone on the same page and working toward the same objectives—how awesome and exciting for a business!” "Working with a Certified Passion Test for Business facilitator helps you set direction for yourself and/or the business. When one knows where they want to go and what they want to accomplish, there isn’t much that can stop them from doing just that. If you want direction for your life and business, then you definitely need to talk with a Certified Passion Test for Business facilitator and follow through with a class. Don’t wait, call today.”

~ Carol Kirkland, CEO, AVE Office Supplies - The Avenue to All Your Office Needs


“The Business Passion Test did more than confirm for me that my vision of creating wonderful memories for my guests (for a rainy day as it were) was realistic, and appreciated by them. It also left me with clarity on a number of levels: I saw for the first time what my personal contribution is – both in terms of skills and creativity – and this was a great boost to my self-confidence. I also came to understand what were the true indicators of success: this was my sense of pleasure and fulfillment in the business, as well as more conventional markers such as profitability. And the Test provided clear strategies and pathways that I could immediately use to maximize the success of Casa Ana and to build the dream further. I came away, not befuddled by jargon and business theory, but with a few pages of notes, some precise goals, some straightforward tasks, a clear sense of direction and a huge amount of enthusiasm – passion! – for what I’m doing. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Business Passion Test. It’s illuminating, practical, straightforward and fun. “

~ Anne Hunt, Casa Ana, “Creating Memories for a Rainy Day”


Employee Work & Core Passion Workshop Feedback

  • “I felt very proud of where I work and I’m motivated every day to be a part of my work.”
  • “I felt filled with energy to keep going at 100% and very privileged to be part of this company.”
  • “I feel identified with the company. It makes me feel like family.”
  • “I got to get very clear on my passions; I sort of knew them, but not like now. I know the priorities and what is most important. I feel motivated. It is valuable to know the interest the company has in us and that they will know us better.”
From Employees of Listen Up Español after taking the Workshop