You know – "The Pact" was the practice that had been in place for decades where companies
were loyal to their employees and in return, employees were loyal to them.


It seems like those days are long gone. But do they have to be?

Learn how you can change this... and create a culture that fosters a highly productive, engaged workforce.

 Start by taking the quick assessment test.

Question 1

The employees of my company demonstrate a high level of engagement as they carry out their work duties.

Question 2

Employees ____________ comment to management about how meaningful their work is for them.

Question 3

In employee surveys, we __________ hear how much they enjoy and appreciate working for our company.

Question 4

I believe that the work our employees perform is aligned with what they love to do.

Question 5

Employees of my company perceive that there are opportunities for them to explore meaningful work within our organization.

Question 6

First-line management/supervision of our company care about the engagement levels of their employees

Question 7

Management of my company understands the importance of aligning employee passions with their work.

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